10 things that make you choose Premiere UPVC

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> 10 things that make you choose Premiere UPVC

10 things that make you choose Premiere UPVC

These days, with the tremendous development in industry and the discovery of new materials and industries that provide comfort to humanity, the question must be asked, where does human comfort begin? The answer begins with his home and his health. That is why the industry stood in an attempt to create a new material that would make it easier for the person to live, a material that would be an alternative to wood and aluminium, which appeared to have major defects that exposed human life to risks, money and inconvenience, and in the end, UPVC was reached as an alternative to wood and alumetal in the manufacture of doors and windows.




 What is UPVC basically?


 What is UPVC? UPVC is unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. It is a polymer that is heated well and then formed. This material is used in many industries, such as sewer and water pipes, packaging, oils, cosmetics, paints, bathroom curtains, sewage drains and credit cards.

It is possible to use UPVC as an alternative to painted wood due to its advantages and long life.

It is also used as an alternative to aluminum because it is an excellent sound and heat insulator and is not affected by weather conditions and is resistant to rust and corrosion. Moreover, it is used in the manufacture of tires and windows. It is one of the well-known materials around the world and is widely used in this because of its many advantages such as its strength and reasonable price due to its long life. UPVC is the ideal choice for the manufacture of UPVC windows and UPVC doors, because it is a strong heat and sound insulator, resistant to fire and dust, and is not affected by different climatic conditions. Installation and use.


UPVC products:


 UPVC products are diverse and different, and their advantages are many, as there are UPVC doors, which are distinguished from others by their sound and heat insulation and strength, and there are UPVC windows and windows, UPVC sectors, UPVC panels are an alternative to sheet metal.




UPVC doors are one of the most widespread and demanded doors in the market, and this is because of their durability and strength that provide high security, and this is the most thing the consumer is looking for is the security of his home, but when it comes to UPVC bathroom doors or UPVC room doors, there are other considerations of great importance such as attractive appearance and sound insulation. And waterproofing, UPVC doors provide anti-theft, heat, water, and sound insulation, and are characterized by strength and a beautiful shape that people of different tastes are looking for.



 External doors


When it comes to the safety of your family, you should choose the best. That is why we offer you external UPVC doors for your home and business, because they have high security, as they have 5 locking points and are reinforced from the inside with iron for additional protection. They also insulate sound and provide you with the necessary calm away from the noise of the street and neighbors.



 bathroom doors

 In modern homes with a modern style, the external appearance of the bathroom door is distinctive, as it is usually necessary to consider choosing a good and durable bathroom door that can withstand moisture, especially that the bathroom door is constantly exposed to water, and this may expose the bathroom door to damage and rot, especially if the bathroom door is made of Wood, but all this will differ with UPVC bathroom doors, as it is a distinctive bathroom door that gives an aesthetic shape and keeps the door from erosion or rotting, and this is because UPVC bathroom doors are resistant to water and rust and insulate moisture as I maintain temperatures insulated without leakage, which maintains Energy The UPVC bathroom doors are also soundproof, in addition to their distinctive aesthetic shape, as we mentioned.



 There are types of UPVC bathroom doors, which are:


1. UPVC sliding bathroom doors

 They are doors with two frames or more that slide left and right instead of opening forward and backward. These doors provide extra space and are suitable for small bathrooms.



2. Hinged UPVC Bathroom Doors

 They are ordinary doors, usually with two hinges or more, depending on the size of the door and the customer's desire, and they open forward or backward.



room doors:

 The use of UPVC doors for rooms is a good thing because of the advantages of UPVC doors, as they have a number of advantages, the most important of which is that they are soundproof, which provides privacy for each member of the house alone and makes them feel comfortable. One of the advantages of UPVC doors for rooms is that they maintain temperature insulation by approximately 40% Which keeps the rooms warm, in addition to the warmth of the apartment as a whole, if the main door is made of UPVC. One of the advantages of UPVC doors for rooms is that they have an attractive and beautiful appearance, and they work to isolate moisture and prevent the passage of insects because they are airtight. Choosing UPVC doors for rooms is a good choice because it will have an attractive and distinctive appearance, in addition to high sound insulation, privacy, maintaining room temperatures, protection from insects and moisture, energy savings, in addition to being easy to clean.




When it comes to choosing the appropriate windows for the home, we must carefully choose to get the best windows, or when we choose windows for companies or offices, there are many options for windows, but the best choice is UPVC windows, UPVC windows are the best for home windows, bathroom windows or Kitchen windows or children's bedroom windows.


 UPVC sheets are an alternative to iron sheets :

 UPVC panels are distinguished by their sound insulator, heat insulator, and one of their most important features that give safety to the place is that they are against ignition and have strength, durability, great flexibility and high durability against shocks and are difficult to break. Many experiments were conducted on them to give an amazing result. In one of the experiments, a huge car was run Above UPVC sheets, it was an alternative to corrugated iron, and nothing limited it. Rather, it maintained its shape in complete flexibility and rigidity. One of its most important features is also that it is against rust and bromine. It maintains its colors for a long time, unlike corrugated iron and other types of panels, and this is the result of that it resists external factors in a great way and withstands erosion factors such as sun, wind, rain, acids, alkalis, etc... Also, UPVC panels are an environmentally friendly alternative to corrugated iron, and this is very important, as it can be recycled and used again, preserving the environment and saving money. For all these reasons more, UPVC panels are considered an alternative to corrugated iron, which is better than ordinary panels, and the choice of most consumers, and it is at the forefront of safe materials to use.



 Why choose Premier UPVC over the rest?

This is because Premier UPVC is one of the oldest and best UPVC companies in Egypt and the markets. It is one of the first in the field of pulling UPVC sectors in the market. It offers UPVC sectors and various systems in UPVC windows and UPVC doors. Premier PUPVC is a big name in the industry. It has 30 years of experience. Since its inception, it was one of the first importers and distributors of UPVC pipes and drainage systems in Egypt, when the transition began from using the old metal pipe system to modern drainage systems. In 2006, the group expanded its activities to import Producing high quality building and finishing materials, chemicals and raw materials from many countries around the world, Premier UPVC is now the first in the market, the most experienced in the industry and the highest quality UPVC profiles for UPVC Windows and UPVC Doors.



 For more than 30 years, Premier UPVC has accumulated experience in the field of manufacturing and calculating the UPVC sectors, knowing the needs of the market and the customer, and securing the supply and the availability of products on a permanent basis. in building materials. We commend the outstanding and advanced performance of Premier UPVC and obtaining domestic and international quality certificates, Premier UPVC has a comprehensive quality follow-up system to continuously monitor internal development and testing centers to select performance and quality throughout the internal testing machine.



Premier UPVC trains workers in the field to ensure the highest quality reach to customers, and Premier UPVC has a design and innovation center as it works on continuous scientific research to develop new systems in line with market and consumer needs.