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Aluminium windows or UPVC windows | UPVC Premier


We all want the best for our home and our family, so we must choose the best windows and doors that provide us with comfort and tranquillity and protect them from diseases. Bad weather factors, especially if there are children,  elderly persons, or the sick at home or work. Therefore, you must know the difference between Aluminum and UPVC to determine which one is better for the house.


The difference between Aluminum and UPVC

Many people fall into the trap that there is no difference between aluminium and UPVC, but this is not true. There is a big difference between them. Aluminium is a metal and has the properties of metals, while UPVC is considered the development of PVC and is considered a high-strength material with various advantages and no defects. Remember and to know more details about them continue reading this article.


Which are better, aluminium windows or UPVC windows?


To answer this question, we must first identify the characteristics of each. Aluminium conducts electricity and heat and does not resist weather and water factors. It is easily damaged and rusted, and needs periodic maintenance, which costs money and time, unlike UPVC, which is the first choice for builders and interior engineers around the world. Because it has a high front, it is sound and heat insulation, resistant to water, fire, and various weather factors, and is easy to clean, and it does not need maintenance for longevity. Premier UPVC offers a warranty of up to 25 years on its products.


What are the uses of each of them?


• The UPVC

UPVC is a distinctive material that is used in various industries such as building materials, toys, water pipes, and others. UPVC is a material with high hardness to withstand weather factors and is not affected by water, and it is the first choice for builders and interior engineers around the world.


• Aluminium

Aluminium is a metal that has all the characteristics of metals. It conducts heat, electricity, and sound and does not resist weather factors, so it is easily damaged and rusted. It is used in the manufacture of windows, doors, and kitchen utensils.


o Prices for aluminium windows

You may now be wondering about the price of a meter of Aluminium in Egypt, and this varies from one manufacturer to another, and prices can rise or fall with time. Here is the average price of a meter of Aluminium in Egypt, which starts from 2500.



Premier UPVC sectors

Premier UPVC is one of the most important and successful companies in the field of extrusion of UPVC windows and doors, and one of the oldest companies in the market with more than 30 years of experience. They use the best materials and accessories necessary to make the required units for the customer.


Who is the best UPVC company in Egypt?

To answer this question, you must look for the best quality of UPVC raw materials in Egypt with unique hardness and flexibility, and you must also consider the appropriate price, as well as the great history and the well-known name in the market, and all these advantages are found in Premier UPVC.


Why choose Premier UPVC over the rest


This is because Premier UPVC is one of the oldest and best UPVC companies in Egypt and the markets. It is one of the first in the field of pulling the UPVC sectors into the market. It offers UPVC sectors and various systems in UPVC windows and UPVC doors.

Premier UPVC is a big name in the industry. It has 30 years of experience. Since its inception, it was one of the first importers and distributors of UPVC pipes and drainage systems in Egypt, when the transition began from using the old metal pipe system to modern drainage systems. In 2006, the group expanded its activities to import Producing high-quality building and finishing materials, chemicals, and raw materials from many countries around the world, Premier UPVC is now the premiere in the market, the most experienced in the field, and the highest quality UPVC profiles for UPVC windows and UPVC doors.


For more than 30 years, Premier UPVC has accumulated experience in the field of manufacturing and calculating the UPVC sectors, knowing the needs of the market and the customer, and securing the supply and the availability of products permanently. in building materials.

We commend Premier UPVC's outstanding and advanced performance and attainment of local and international quality certifications.

Premier UPVC has a comprehensive quality follow-up system to continuously monitor internal development and test centers to select performance and quality throughout the in-house testing machine.


Premier UPVC trains workers in the field to ensure the highest quality access to customers, and Premier UPVC has a design and innovation center as it works on continuous scientific research to develop new systems in line with market and consumer needs.


UPVC Premier Prices

The prices of UPVC windows in Egypt vary from one company to another, and the prices of a meter of UPVC windows vary according to the sector used, whether it is Egyptian or imported from abroad, so many factors determine the price of a meter of UPVC windows in Egypt.


Here are the prices of UPVC windows in Egypt 2022.

The average price per square meter of UPVC windows offered by Premier UPVC is the best because it is suitable for everyone, and the company gives a 25-year guarantee with its products.