Types of UPVC Windows Sectors


> Types of UPVC Windows Sectors

Types of UPVC Windows Sectors


When it comes to choosing the right windows for the home, we must carefully choose to get the best windows, or when we choose windows for companies or offices, there are many options for windows, but the best choice is UPVC windows, UPVC windows are the best for home windows, Or bathroom windows, kitchen windows or children's bedroom windows.



Meaning of UPVC


UPVC is a material whose scientific name is polyvinyl chloride or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, and in English, it is called (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride). Huge. like almost more than 50% of it is used in construction materials construction due to its advantages and its reasonable price and easy installation. Recently, UPVC has been used in the place of multiple construction materials in many regions, and UPVC is an advanced material called PVC, which is more efficient and widely used.



 The difference between UPVC & PVC windows


Let's get acquainted with the difference between UPVC windows and PVC windows. Often people get confused that both UPVC and PVC are the same material, but this is not true, as we mentioned earlier that UPVC is a developed material from PVC, as it is more than it is that it is not plasticized. This makes it more used in windows, doors, and partitions in general.



Features of UPVC windows


As we mentioned that UPVC windows have many advantages, UPVC windows are distinguished from other windows in that they are made of the distinctive UPVC material, which has many qualities that make UPVC windows the best choice for anyone looking for windows for the home, office or bathroom windows, kitchen windows, or bedroom windows. Among the advantages of UPVC windows are:



One of the advantages of UPVC windows is that they are waterproof, so when waterfalls on them from any of the different sides, they do not help the water to cross to the other side, and this is very important, and this feature makes UPVC windows the best because they insulate water.


      Rain insulation

One of the most important features of UPVC windows is that they isolate rain, and this is very useful, especially in heavy rains, especially in children's rooms. UPVC windows work to protect the house from rainwater and extreme cold.


      sound insulation

UPVC windows have sound insulation, and this is a result of being made of UPVC material, which has the thickness and hardness necessary to prevent sound from passing through. Noise arrives at home and maintains the calm needed to carry out daily tasks.


      Energy saving

One of the advantages of UPVC windows is that they save energy as they maintain the temperature of the house warm in the winter and prevent the entry of cold as UPVC windows insulate the cold, making the temperature of the house warmer and saving the consumption of heaters for heating, and UPVC windows work to maintain a temperature The temperature of the house is moderate in the summer and works to isolate the heat, so UPVC windows keep the house moderate in the summer without the need to operate the adaptation and consume energy.


      wind insulation

One of the advantages of UPVC windows is that they are windproof, as they protect the house from strong winds due to the rigidity of UPVC windows.


      UV protection


UPVC windows protect against ultraviolet rays, as they isolate ultraviolet rays and do not allow them to pass inside, and this is because UPVC windows are made of UPVC material, which works to isolate harmful ultraviolet rays.


      Shock Resistant

One of the advantages of UPVC windows is that they are anti-shock, as the UPVC material is strong and flexible, so it works to resist shocks without causing damage to the unit itself.


      Protection from insects

One of the advantages of UPVC windows is that they are sealed and made of strong, solid materials that prevent the passage of insects and ants, as UPVC windows are welded parts, which prevent the passage of insects from their sides.


      Increased safety

One of the most important features of UPVC windows is that they are strong, solid, and difficult to break, which provides safety and is insulating against fire, which makes UPVC windows safer to use than others.



Disadvantages of UPVC windows


There are also advantages. There are certainly disadvantages, and here you will mention the disadvantages of UPVC windows, which are:


Different quality of UPVC windows


The difference in the quality of windows is one of the most important disadvantages of UPVC windows, after the increase in demand for manufacturers of UPVC windows for these companies to provide the required numbers of the product, they tended to reduce quality and with a large number of companies and factories of UPVC windows, the consumer is confused in front of all these numbers and does not know which one is better and how to Get the best quality at the best price for UPVC windows.




Types of UPVC Windows Sectors

There are many types of UPVC sectors, and we all know that the double-glazed sector is the most famous among the UPVC sectors, especially in UPVC windows and balcony doors. The country of origin of the sectors is there, and each of them has different characteristics and prices.


Manufactured materials

The materials that go into making UPVC windows or window sectors are UPVC, high-density glass, and thickness that helps to isolate water, rain, and sound insulation, rubber that works to cohesive the sector and also iron, which increases the strength and rigidity of the sector, which makes UPVC windows strong and soundproof. and shock-resistant.


Windows Premier UPVC

Premier UPVC is one of the important and successful companies in the field of manufacturing UPVC windows in the best sectors and one of the oldest companies in Egypt. It has an experience of more than 30 years. They use the best materials and accessories needed to make the required units of the customer, whether these materials are imported From any country the customer wants or Egyptian with high quality, the company's goal is to satisfy all customers by providing all their needs at reasonable prices.


For this reason, we recommend Premier UPVC implement all your units of premium and guaranteed Premier UPVC windows. Premier UPVC cares about the attractive, distinctive, and unique appearance and provides quality and high taste suitable for all customers, and aims to provide a healthy and beautiful life for our customers. It also provides environmentally friendly products, as well as offers many different sizes and types of all UPVC segments that vary from one customer to another.

 Finally, before buying any product, you must make sure of its quality and its source. You must buy the product from a guaranteed place that provides you with many options and works with the best types of UPVC sectors, such as Premier UPVC.



UPVC windows prices in Egypt

The prices of UPVC windows in Egypt vary from one company to another, and the prices of a meter of UPVC windows vary according to the sector used, whether it is Egyptian or imported from abroad, so many factors determine the price of a meter of UPVC windows in Egypt.


Here are the prices of UPVC windows in Egypt 2022.

The average price per square meter of UPVC windows offered by Premier UPVC is the best because it is suitable for everyone, and the company gives a 25-year guarantee with its products.