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When it comes to the safety of your family, you have to make sure that you choose the best means to protect them, especially these days in light of the availability of many options in all fields, and when it comes to choosing doors for home or work, you fall into a spiral of choice where there are many alternatives such as wooden doors, aluminum doors, and UPVC doors, as well as  It is known that UPVC doors are the best, as they provide high security, sound, and heat insulation, and are resistant to water and fire, and in this article, we will talk about the advantages of UPVC doors.

UPVC exterior doors


 We all suffer in one way or another from external noise that affects our focus in studying and working, and because we need comfort and calm, we must choose an external door that works to insulate sound, and here we mean external UPVC doors that have high sound and noise insulation. Premier UPVC offers doors with insulation of up to 95%.

 One of the most important features of external UPVC doors is the high security that these doors provide, as they have five tight closing points to ensure double protection.



UPVC doors for rooms


 It is important to provide privacy for family members in the same house, especially to focus on studying and working and the availability of calm away from external noise, for this reason, UPVC doors for rooms are the best choice because they have high sound insulation, one of the advantages of UPVC doors is that they are suitable for all decorations



UPVC Doors Prices


  After knowing some important details related to UPVC doors, you may now be wondering about the prices of UPVC doors. As it is known that the prices of UPVC doors are determined according to the price of a meter of UPVC, and the price of a square meter of UPVC doors varies from one company to another, and we recommend to you the Premier UPVC company, as it is characterized by products Its high quality and affordable UPVC doors also offer a warranty of up to 25 years on its products.



Premier UPVC Products


 Premier UPVC always takes care of the good exterior as well as provides a comfortable and healthy life.  You can always enjoy the more beautiful scenery and fresh air through this Premier UPVC window.


 In the next lines, we will talk more about Premier UPVC products that produce the best UPVC segments in the market.  Premier UPVC is known for the quality of its UPVC windows and UPVC doors.  It also produces various UPVC door systems and various UPVC windows with luxurious appearance, high quality, and reasonable prices.



 Premier UPVC offers a variety of UPVC door systems.





Premier UPVC UPVC doors are the best choice for hygienic and comfortable spaces.  The information you should know about this system of UPVC doors is


 It is about 2 mm thick


 The number of rooms in it is up to 3 rooms


 Glass from 5-30 mm


PRE-70 system:


   Premier UPVC UPVC doors are the best choice for healthy and comfortable spaces.  The information you should know about UPVC door system is


   It is about 2.5 mm thick


   - Number of rooms 5-6 rooms


   Glass from 6-30 mm




   For UPVC windows produced by Premier, there are several systems:


   Three types of different tractor systems


   PRE-S 120


   PRE-S 140


   before 90


   Premier UPVC also contains two hinge systems


   PRE-C 60


   Pre C 70




For UPVC profiles produced by Premier UPVC:


 Premier UPVC is distinguished by having the best UPVC extractor plant in the market, using the best and most efficient raw materials, importing them from Europe and North America with the best quality and preparing them to suit their respective climates.  country.