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 When buying UPVC windows or UPVC doors, people pay attention to UPVC panels, glass, etc., but do not pay attention to UPVC window and door accessories, which are no less important than the rest of the UPVC sector.  In this article, we will talk about suitable UPVC accessories for the UPVC chips you are going to purchase.


The difference between UPVC and PVC


UPVC is the evolution of PVC, the scientific name of UPVC is unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, while PVC is polyvinyl chloride, UPVC is the evolution of PVC, but it does not have plasticizers. UPVC is used in many industries, the most famous of which is UPVC Windows, doors, and sectors. PVC is also used in many industries such as drainage and water pipes, clothing, children's toys, and others.


UPVC Door Accessories


 It is important to choose accessories for doors carefully because they are not just entertainment or appearance only, but that they have a great safety factor, as the hinges are what install the door and make it move in certain directions, and if they are not good, the door may disintegrate and need periodic maintenance, so it is necessary to choose hinges that fit  The door system is from a guaranteed company and we recommend Premier UPVC to you.  It is also important to choose a suitable door handle and a tight locking system with high security.


•UPVC bathroom doors


 Bathroom doors are very important and should be made of water-resistant materials such as UPVC. This is because the bathroom door is more susceptible to water and maybe damaged over time. If it is made of wood or aluminum, it may rust. This is why UPVC bathroom doors are the best choice.


UPVC Doors for rooms


 Choosing accessories for room doors is an important thing because they provide privacy and give high security. This is why it is important to choose a good locking system and handle it with high security, as well as strong hinges.


UPVC Windows Accessories

 Window accessories are very important when choosing UPVC windows, you should choose suitable accessories for the window system, whether it is hinged, tractor, or hinged that locks up and down, there are different systems in the UPVC window sectors, so you must choose the appropriate accessories for each system.


•UPVC Premium Prices


Of course, now you are wondering about UPVC pricing.  We all know that quality and experience give the best products, UPVC meter price changes from one source to another, but the best is the one that gives efficiency and quality first, and that's what Premier UPVC offers, it also offers the best UPVC prices.  UPVC square meter price or UPVC Door square meter price, UPVC window price per square meter are the most favorable in Premier UPVC,  It provides suitable UPVC Door prices and suitable UPVC window prices.


•Why choose Premier UPVC over the rest


 This is because Premier UPVC is one of the oldest and best UPVC companies in the market.  It is one of the first in the field of extracting UPVC sectors in the market. It offers UPVC sectors and various systems in UPVC Windows and UPVC Doors.

 Premier UPVC is a big name in the industry. It has 30 years of experience since its inception. It was one of the first importers and distributors of UPVC pipes and drainage systems in Egypt when the transition began from using the old metal pipe system to modern drainage systems. In 2006, the group expanded its activities to import  And the production of high-quality building and finishing materials, chemicals, and raw materials from many countries around the world.  Now, Premier UPVC has become the first in the market, the most experienced in the field, and the highest quality in the production of UPVC profiles for UPVC Windows and UPVC Doors.   For more than 30 years, Premier UPVC has accumulated experience in the field of manufacturing and extracting UPVC sectors, knowing the needs of the market and customer, and ensuring the supply and availability of products permanently.  This experience has earned the company the ability to provide products suitable for the climate of each country and the needs of each customer.   They specialize in building materials. We commend Premier UPVC's outstanding and advanced performance and attainment of local and international quality certifications.

 Premier UPVC has a comprehensive quality monitoring system to continuously monitor internal development and test centers for performance and quality testing throughout its internal testing sites.

 Premier UPVC trains industry personnel to ensure the highest quality delivery to clients.   It also has a design and innovation center at Premier UPVC as it works on continuous scientific research to develop new systems in line with market and consumer needs.


UPVC premier products


 Premier UPVC always takes care of the good exterior as well as provides a comfortable and healthy life.  You can always enjoy the more beautiful scenery and fresh air through this Premier UPVC window.

 In the next lines, we will talk more about Premier UPVC products that produce the best UPVC segments in the market.  Premier UPVC is known for the quality of its UPVC Windows and UPVC doors.  It also produces various UPVC door systems and various UPVC Windows with luxurious appearance, high quality, and reasonable prices.

Premier UPVC offers a variety of UPVC door systems.

PRE-D60 SYSTEM: Premier UPVC doors are the best choice for hygienic and comfortable spaces.  The information you should know about this system of UPVC doors is

It is about 2 mm thick

 The number of rooms is up to 3 rooms

 Glass from 5-30 mm


 PRE-D 70 System:

 UPVC doors from Premier UPVC are the best choice for healthy and comfortable spaces.  The information you should know about this system of UPVC doors is

 It is about 2.5 mm thick

 - Number of rooms 5-6 rooms

 Glass from 6-30 mm


 For UPVC Windows produced by Premiere, there are several systems:

 Three kinds of various tractor systems

 PRE-S 120

 PRE-S 140

 PRE-S 90

 D-Premier UPVC also has two hinge systems

 PRE-C 60

 PRE-C 70


 For UPVC profiles produced by Premier UPVC:

 Premier UPVC is distinguished by having the best factory to extract UPVC sectors in the market, as it uses the best and most efficient raw materials, as it imports them from Europe and North America with the best quality and prepares them to suit the climate of each country.