The difference between PVC and UPVC All you need to know about the difference between UPVC and UPVCالفرق بين upvc و pvc.jpg

> The difference between PVC and UPVC All you need to know about the difference between UPVC and UPVC

The difference between PVC and UPVC All you need to know about the difference between UPVC and UPVC



   Most people make a common mistake when buying UPVC, which is that they do not realize the difference between UPVC and PVC.   Instead, they think it is the same material, same properties, and raw materials, which is not true.  They are two different materials.  The only similarity is that UPVC is made of PVC, but it is known that UPVC has some characteristics that distinguish it from PVC, and in this example, we will mention the difference between them.


The difference between PVC and UPVC


 Some points explain the difference between UPVC and PVC and the difference between both materials, and these points are:


 • uses


 PVC is used in the manufacture of various pipes and drainpipes and is also used in the manufacture of cable insulation, clothing, and toys, while UPVC is used in the manufacture of window frames, UPVC sectors, and doors




  One of the advantages of PVC is that it is a very flexible material and is also fairly durable, and this is in addition to being low in cost, concerning UPVC, it is a durable and strong material that is characterized by hardness, high safety, and health, especially when used in the manufacture of pipes and drinking water, in addition to that  Fire retardant material.


• Safety and Risks


 PVC-coated wires may form hydrochloric acid fumes when fires occur, which poses a significant health hazard, and plasticizers from PVC can leach into the environment as well. On the other hand, when using UPVC, it does not pose a major concern regarding the use of UPVC.


•The most important uses of PVC and UPVC



   As it is known that PVC is used in the manufacture of pipes and tubes, and this is because it is a flexible material that is easy to form, and large PVC pipes are often used in plumbing work to get rid of water that is not suitable for drinking and use, and PVC pipes are also used  To insulate electrical cables and wires, and now that UPVC is known, this use has become very little.

On the other hand, UPVC is used instead of wood in construction and building works, such as the manufacture of double-glazed UPVC window frames and UPVC windows ills It is a multi-use material and can be manufactured in different colours or manufactured to appear like other materials such as wood and other materials, and UPVC is also used as an alternative to iron in certain types of plumbing and various drainage works.


Why is PVC not used in the manufacture of doors and windows


   It is known that PVC is not used in the manufacture of windows and doors, and it is better to use UPVC in the manufacture of UPVC windows and doors and the manufacture of window frames because it is not perishable and its advantages are resistance to various weather factors. It is suitable for home and corporate decorations.  Its life span is long, and premier UPVC offers a warranty of up to 25 years on UPVC products with different systems, one of the advantages of UPVC is that it does not change its shape regardless of weather conditions, and one of its advantages is that UPVC windows save energy more than other windows made of wood, aluminium, and other metals.  Additionally, UPVC can be used to make doors as well, not just windows.  It is used in the manufacture of windows and doors of conservatories in particular because it is highly soundproof.


PVC and UPVC uses


   Small, thin PVC tubes can sometimes be used in medical equipment.  As mentioned earlier, PVC is used in the manufacture of clothing, shoes, toys, car interior decoration, electrical cables, shower curtains, and many different plastic products, and because UPVC is safer and there are no major health risks associated with it.  It is used in the medical sectors, especially in the dental field, where UPVC is used for orthodontics, and the manufacture of many PVC and UPVC products is very inexpensive, which is why they are found in many places and different product groups in many fields.


Where do you get high-quality UPVC windows?


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