The meaning of UPVC and the abbreviation of UPVC, and everything you need to know about UPVC and PVCمعني upvc.png

> The meaning of UPVC and the abbreviation of UPVC, and everything you need to know about UPVC and PVC

The meaning of UPVC and the abbreviation of UPVC, and everything you need to know about UPVC and PVC


Nowadays we spend most of our time at home or work. We need calm, rest, and focus at work, but external sounds affect our focus and comfort. That is why we must choose UPVC windows, and UPVC doors, which are distinctive, soundproof, water and heat resistant, and give us comfort and focus. UPVC doors and UPVC windows have spread these days, so you should know the meaning of UPVC and its abbreviation.

UPVC abbreviation


 The abbreviation of UPVC is (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride), which is a distinctive material and is used these days in many industries, especially construction and construction works.   Because of its many advantages spread around the world in many industries, the British Plastics Federation BPF announced that nearly 80% of windows in the world are made of UPVC.

 In this article, we will talk more about the history of UPVC.


Before the UPVC


At first, the windows were holes in the wall for ventilation, then the wooden framed windows appeared, which are modern to the history of windows. At the beginning of the 16th century the windows were made of wood, lead, and iron, and glass windows were rarely used in this era. Metal windows with a frame that became Metallic is widespread at the beginning of the 19th century, especially among the middle class and the poor, due to the low prices of metal and glass windows after the industrial revolution at that time before the use of UPVC.

Despite that, there were some drawbacks such as the insecurity of using lead windows, the heavy size of iron, and its need for periodic maintenance, so they were replaced by aluminum at the beginning of the 20th century. This is because of its lightweight and withstands some weather fluctuations, but it does not withstand heat and needs maintenance. Periodically, after a while, in the 20th century, polymers and plastics were discovered, and UPVC sectors appeared in the industry


The beginning of the UPVC


After the discovery of PVC, it spread widely in the middle of the 20th century. PVC solved the problems and defects of other materials that were used in the manufacture of windows and doors, as it has biological resistance and high chemical resistance, is easy to manufacture and produce, and its cost is not high. It achieved success in various industries due to its flexibility, hardness, and high safety, such as pipes, pipelines, plumbing, building, construction, and insulation works.

Despite all these advantages, there was one problem, which is that its durability and safety changes in about 5-7 years only, and this defect was causing major problems for this, it was reached after many research and experiments that this defect can be eliminated if plasticizers are added to it And UPVC was reached, which gave higher efficiency than PVC and was used in UPVC windowsUPVC doors, UPVC sectors and other construction, plumbing and sewage works. It began to be used commercially in the nineties, starting from Germany and then moving to England later and then to the rest countries of the world and developed with time.

Commercial diffusion of UPVC


 UPVC has achieved great success in various fields, especially in the field of construction, thanks to its multiple characteristics and many advantages such as hardness, flexibility, sound insulation, water insulation, resistance to heat and dust, not being affected by various weather fluctuations, fire resistance, high safety, and above all, its life span is very long and gives Premier UPVC company  Warranty on its products up to 25 years and does not require periodic maintenance.  UPVC windows, UPVC doors, and UPVC panels have spread around the world and achieved very great success, becoming the first choice for interior designers and contractors around the world.  UPVC is also an energy-saving option, as it regulates heat and maintains moderate temperatures, thus saving energy and saving on bills.

 Therefore, if you are looking for windows or doors for your home or work, we recommend UPVC for you and the best company in the field of extracting UPVC sectors in Egypt at Premier UPVC, which provides various systems of UPVC windows and UPVC doors sectors