What are UPVC and PVC? With details and photos, everything about UPVC, PVC.

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> What are UPVC and PVC? With details and photos, everything about UPVC, PVC.

What are UPVC and PVC?  With details and photos, everything about UPVC, PVC.


     When it comes to choosing windows or doors for the home or office, you should check the most appropriate choice and search to find the best choice from the different options on the market. Examples of these choices are:



What is PVC?


 To know what is UPVC and the difference between PVC and UPVC, you must first know the meaning of UPVC, its scientific meaning, and the meaning of the abbreviation UPVC?

 UPVC, which some call PVC, is a chemical compound called (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride).


 It is a substance that is widely used in the chemical industries, and free radical mechanisms are used to manufacture it, and it is considered a polymer.


And PVC is (plasticized polyvinyl chloride), and thus the difference between PVC and upvc is clear. About 50% of this plastic is used in building materials and construction works, and this is due to its easy installation and appropriate price as well.  More recently, UPVC has been used in place of well-known building materials in many places.


 UPVC has spread around the world and has become proportional to the difference in the climate that changes from one country to another, and the climate varies between regions as well.  


With time, UPVC became an alternative to wood and aluminium, and it became the best alternative and the first choice for interior designers and most people, this is because of its many advantages and because its long life span reaches more than 15 years. UPVC doors and UPVC windows do not need periodic maintenance, such as wood and aluminium windows and doors.


 Among the advantages of UPVC are its attractive appearance and various shapes that distinguish it from other wood and aluminium, which attract different tastes, especially that its colours are attractive and varied.  UPVC is characterized by its hardness and high strength and is reinforced from the inside with iron for greater efficiency and higher durability.


 One of the most important features of UPVC is that it is soundproofing, which ensures privacy, quietness, and fire resistance. It gives high security and is water-resistant. Therefore, the best types of bathroom doors are UPVC bathroom doors because they are not affected by water and are not damaged like the rest of wood or aluminium.


 UPVC windows are also optimal because they are soundproof and water-resistant, so they do not damage and do not need periodic maintenance, such as aluminium windows or wood windows.  One of the advantages of UPVC is that it is dust-resistant, easy to clean, and resistant to erosion. It does not corrode and does not damage like wood or aluminium, and does not require periodic maintenance.



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