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Baghdad International Building Exhibition


The Baghdad International Fair is one of the most important and largest international fairs held annually. It is a huge commercial and industrial forum that includes a large number of investors and companies in various industrial and commercial fields. The UPVC Premier Company, which represents Egypt and is one of the best UPVC companies in Egypt, participates in it.

The General Company for Exhibitions and Commercial Services of the Iraqi Ministry of Trade announced the date of the start of the activities of the 46th Baghdad International Fair for the year 2022 after the exhibition was interrupted in 2019 due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the conditions the country is going through. Which is scheduled to be held on30/1/2022 until 2/2/2022 on the grounds of the Baghdad International Fair in Iraq, where the session will be held for this year under the name of the Iraq Exhibition for Building, Reconstruction and International Investment, in which many companies specialized in construction and contracting that represent many of the International and Arab countries such as premier UPVC is one of the best UPVC companies in Egypt specialized in pulling UPVC sectors (UPVC doors, UPVC windows).

UPVC Premier is participating in this session of the Baghdad International Building Exhibition, as Premier UPVC is one of the important and successful companies in the field of extrusion of UPVC sectors for the manufacture of UPVC windows and doors, and one of the oldest and best UPVC partners in Egypt, as it has an experience of more than 30 years, In pulling the UPVC sectors (UPVC doors and UPVC windows), they use the best materials and accessories necessary to make what the customer needs from the required UPVC units, whether these materials are imported from any foreign country that the customer wants or Egyptian with high quality, the company’s goal It is to satisfy all customers by providing all their needs at reasonable prices for everyone.

  • A brief history of the Baghdad International Fair

The Baghdad International Fair began in 1956 when the Industrial and Agricultural Exhibition was held, which was under the supervision of the Baghdad Brigade at that time. The Baghdad International Fair is an extension of the Industrial and Agricultural Exhibition.

The real beginning of the fair was in 1964 when the first session of the Baghdad International Fair was held, and the participation was modest, as only five Arab countries participated in the Baghdad International Fair in its first session.

The sessions of the Baghdad International Fair continued year after year until this time and became distinguished and varied in terms of industrial and commercial topics and participants in the exhibition sessions as well. With the expansion and increase in the size of the halls and participation, the importance of the Baghdad International Fair has increased at the local and international levels, due to its role in what it represents from a cultural, economic, and media point of view to Iraq.

The Baghdad International Fair joined the International Federation of Exhibitions (UFI), which is based in Paris, to gain the international character of the eighth session of the Baghdad International Fair. The fair became a member of the International Federation of Exhibitions due to the decision taken at the meeting of the Federation held in Malta in 1971.

Currently, Baghdad International Fair has become a member of the Executive Office of the Arab Federation for International Exhibitions and Conferences, which is headquartered in Cairo, Egypt.