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UPVC stands for Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, a thermoplastic polymer used to make plastic items, including windows, doors, fascia, and many more. It is a low-maintenance building material that has very high impact strength. UPVC is used as an alternative to wood in construction, such as in windowsills frames and double-glazed windows. It is a versatile material designed in different colours or manufactured to look like other materials (e.g., wood).


When it comes to doors, many homeowners prefer to use UPVC doors as they have many valuable benefits. They are durable, come in different colours and designs that suit almost any home design, have a long life span, cost-effective, and more.


What are the differences between PVC doors and UPVC doors?


PVC is short for polyvinyl chloride. It is a very lightweight plastic that is often utilized in construction thanks to its impressive durability and strength. The key difference between these two materials is plasticizers: PVC includes plasticizers while UPVC doesn’t. Plasticizers make PVC more flexible and softer, which means PVC is ideal for toys, shower curtains, toys, and even clothes. PVC includes BPA and PHTHALATES, which are chemical substances employed to plasticize vinyl and provide outstanding flexibility. As a result, PVC is more porous and needs more maintenance over time to remove surface stains. Consequently, PVC is not frequently used indoor and window construction.



UPVC door, in contrast, is rigid and stiff. It does not contain BPA or Phthalates, rendering it a safe product for the environment. UPVC is a strong material, specifically used indoor construction due to its durability and thermal efficiency. 


Benefits of UPVC Doors?

UPVC doors offer a lot of advantages that make homeowners love them. These advantages include:


As UPVC is a highly long-lasting material, it allows for durable doors. UPVC doors are generally resistant to mold, atmospheric pollutions, mildew, and mold. It does not rust, rot, flake, or blister and is not impacted by salt corrosion. This makes UPVC doors a long-lasting alternative to timber doors.


UPVC is a recyclable material that needs fewer resources than metal alternatives. It has a life span of 40 - 80 years and could be recycled into roadside guideposts, plumbing pipes, pipes and fittings, commercial floor tiles, and other uses. UPVC is also intrinsically non-toxic so that it is an environment-conscious decision.


Flame Retardant

UPVC doors are suitable for heavy weather conditions. They could be customized to the optimum ratings of Flame Zone BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) fire resistance and N5 C4 (non-cyclonic and cyclonic) wind resistance.


Easy to Maintain


UPVC doors don’t flake, rot, corrode or peel even after years of usage. All it needs is a soft clean with a clean cloth dipped in a solution of water and a household cleaner to wipe and keep the freshness of UPVC doors. It practically needs no maintenance, so UPVC doors are a practical option for your space.


Energy efficiency

UPVC doors are often hailed as a high-performance alternative. Their insulation characteristics mean that your office or home will maintain cool air in the summer and heat in the winter. So not just will it save you money on energy bills, it will also limit your carbon footprint.


UPVC is a natural insulator with low heat conductivity. UPVC doors insulate your home by managing air sealed tightly within the system. It allows for less reliance on air conditioning units and heaters to control the temperature within your home. UPVC doors, as a result, save money and conserve energy in the long run.




Outside noise could be a considerable concern, specifically if you live next to busy roads, schools, or nightlife venues. Luckily, the UPVC door is an essential option for your home to handle outdoor noise problems. As with all superior quality glazing, UPVC doors will help you to keep unwanted outdoor noises out of earshot. It is because UPVC doors are manufactured to fit correctly onto the frame of your door, which allows to significantly decrease the level of noise that filters into your home.

No Termite Infestation

Wood is one of the most significant sources of cellulose (the food termites love) and is highly susceptible to termite infestation. Furthermore, termites survive in a moist environment; as wood is a porous material, it develops a highly comfy home for these insects. UPVC doors bring no such issues with them and remain termite-free.



Far from manufacturing only one kind of design, with UPVC doors, you’ll enjoy picking from a wide selection of colours & styles that will match your home.


Provide Security

UPVC door designs usually include multi-point locking systems that provide a high level of security to your property. Furthermore, UPVC doors have galvanized steel cores that are very hard to break. Thus UPVC offers another layer of protection.



The UPVC doors protect against ultraviolet (UV) rays that prevent the material from fading in extended sun exposure.


Disadvantages of UPVC Doors

Though UPVC doors offer a lot of benefits for homeowners, there are some disadvantages that you need to consider.

It’s not unique or original

If you’re looking for uniqueness and originality, then uPVC is not the material for you. It is much less flexible in terms of design and style. Contrary to wood, UPVC doors could be a little uninspiring, so they might not be the door for you if you’re searching for something that matches your taste and style. Also, it only really fits generic one-style-fits-all houses, so although it’s affordable, it might not be the choice you want for your home.

It can be brittle and discoloured.

UPVC doors can become breakable and discoloured at the end of their lifetime. Sooner or later, it will become so broken down you have to replace it all together instead of fixing it.


UPVC Doors Prices in Egypt

The UPVC doors prices are not stable; there are a lot of factors that decide it. For example, design, materials quality are among the factors determining the door’s cost. Also, the location of the door plays an important role, whether they are UPVC front doors or UPVC bath doors. At Premier, we understand the challenges you might encounter when looking for the best UPVC doors at affordable prices. So, we ease this process for you as all our products are made of high-quality materials with different UPVC sections and offered to you at reasonable prices.



Why Choose Premier UPVC’s?

Are you searching for a professional to set up UPVC doors? Choose Premier! We offer 360-degree solutions for all your needs with full responsibility starting from the time of inspection to setting up and fittings. In addition, we have a flexible range of UPVC solutions. Our team of specialists will check on your space and, following a comprehensive analysis, then come up with the specifications and the solution that best suits your needs. So, get in touch today for quality UPVC doors to decorate your spaces with.