About Us


Everything we do is about you. From the raw material that comes from Europe and North America to the technology and designs that exactly match your needs. We strive to produce for you the best, and we remain Loyal to you. Your comfortability and your time are what we work for.

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Our story began in 1986. Back then El-Lawendy for industry and trading were from the firsts UPVC pipes importer and distributor in Egypt when the shifting from using the old steel piping system started.

In 2006 we expanded our activates to import and produce high-quality different building materials, chemicals, and raw materials from many countries around the world.

Today, we are producing the best and finest UPVC profiles for the window and doors systems. Premier UPVC in the highest quality and the smartest designs in the Egyptian market. Our unique formula, the products’ variety, and systems’ compatibility are the outcome of generations’ experience.


Our Mission


Create comfortability and Innovation in every building in the world.

Our Vision


We dare to design the future of UPVC systems

Our team

A team that’s Motivated, Ambitious, and Loyal to create a better future.


We believe in our responsibility for the environment. We use organic and lead-free raw material for a healthy planet. We create eco-products that decrease energy consumptions in your buildings through 90% lower thermal conductivity.


Why Us

Why Us